Josab Water Solutions is a Swedish company in a global setting. Our products, solutions and
operations are found all over the world. We want to create a world where more people can get access to clean water.


To filter water is a 1000-year old technique and the most well-tried in the world. At Josab, we purify polluted or in other ways contaminated water to enable more people to have drinking water. Today contaminations of air, soil and water affect more and more people across the globe. Clean water is in many cases directly decisive to be able to live a decent life.


Our method is one of a kind. Water is purified through a filter with our patented technology and mineral Aqualite™. The method is completely ecological and purifies water without additives and chemicals. Our way of purifying contaminated water meets both our client’s demands for purity as well as the global WHO standard.


Today the mineral Aqualite™ is mined in our proprietary mine, The Ratka mine in Hungary. Aqualite™ carries fantastic capabilities. It belongs to the mineral group called Zeolites with a rare ability to transport, adsorb and generate ion exchange in water. This way bacteria are eliminated without chlorine or other chemicals. Aqualite™ is so far the only zeolite in the world that possesses the necessary capabilities to purify water in the scale we do at Josab

The raw material for our filter component is a Clinoptilolite, belonging to the Zeolite family. It is mined in the Ratka mine in Hungary, acquired by Josab in 2007. The total mineable asset consists of about 5,7 million tons of mineral. Today, our production capacity reaches 6000 ton raw material per year. Zeolites is a frequently occurring type of minerals and is found on many places across the world. However, the composition of Zeolites found on other sites differ from the one in Ratka, and are less effective as filter material for water purification.

Josab assesses that the Zeolite mined in the Ratka mine is the only Zeolite deposit in the world adequate for water purification. Ratka is an opencast mine, located outside the Mád community, 250 kilometres northeast of Budapest. The Zeolit is refined at Josab’s facility in the neighbouring village of Szerencs, to a filter material Josab is marketing under the own brand Aqualite™. Aqualite™ makes our products ecological, since it allows effective purification without additives or chemicals. The Zeolite in Ratka mine have four primary abilities that makes it so suitable for water purification: Aqualite ™ has an active surface area (erosion and passageways plated) in the range of 200-500 m3 / g. The porous structure and other composition results in Aqualite ™ filtering out particles larger than 1 micron. This can be compared with sand filters that filter off particles larger than 40-60 microns. To flock particles to a size larger than 1 micron, chemicals are required, which is not required with Aqualite ™ filtering.

Aqualite ™ acts as a molecular sieve that removes substances in water through adsorption such as, Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Sulfur, Heavy Metals, Carbon Oxygen, Oil Derivatives, Ethylene, Ethane, N-Butane, etc. The material adsorbs and / or separates with catalytic effect: Potassium (b), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Calcium (g), Strontium (Sr), Lead (Pb), Copper (Cu), Silver (Ag), Mercury (Hg), Nitrogen (N) and Nickel (Ni) mm

Aqualite ™ has an ion exchange capacity, which allows reduction of, among other things, heavy metals and petroleum products.

Aqualite ™ is a bactericide, which means it attracts parasites and bacteria that are reduced by 91-98 percent. With the addition of a UV filter, the drinking water is free from bacteria, viruses and parasites, including pathogens such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium, which are resistant to chlorine.

The special and patented filter technology, combined with a UV-filter, guarantees clean and safe water. Water purified with Aqualite™ fulfill the quality standards in WHO:s regulations for drinking water.


Aqualite™ provides an effective purification without the use of chemicals. On the location of the Ratka mine, the mineral has a specific and more porous surface, within the interval 200-500 m3/g. This makes Aqualite™ filtering reduce particles by >1 micron. Parasites and bacteria are reduced by 90-98 percent. Complemented by UV-filtering, processed water is completely purified from bacteria, viruses and parasites, including pathogens such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium, which are resistant to chlorine and many forms of UV-radiation. The result is perfectly healthy drinking water.


In all segments of the supply chain, our sustainability work strives to create products, technology and know-how that is sustainable and ecological. The global water consumption is expected to have a yearly increase of 3 percent. While 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, the global sweet water supply decreases every year. In developing countries, the for many years ongoing trend of substantially increased water consumption is expected to continue. Due to the growing global population, particularly in regions with scarcity of water, industrialization of developing countries means increasing economic growth, where the provision of water within the industrial sector is predicted to expand 400 percent by 2050.