Josab Water Solutions is a Swedish company in a global setting. Our products, solutions and
operations can be found all over the world. We want to create a world where more people can get access to clean water.


One of our most long-term projects is in India. As one of the most populous countries in the world, India has a large need of high quality, clean water and good infrastructure for water supply to a reasonable pricing. Our cost-efficient and durable products have aided the Indian government to provide its population with good water.


Our presence in Ethiopia is one of our latest projects. Once again it has been proven that water purification is a door-opener. With our products, we provide access to clean water in regions that used to struggle with water scarcity. Out cooperation with The Ministry of Water, Irrigation & Energy in Ethiopia also proves the capacity of our products to open up new markets.

Earlier projects

Myanmar (Burma)

The need for clean drinking water is universal, as proven by our project in Myanmar (Burma). As a country, Burma is geographically challenging, and Josab products became the solution. Thanks to the flexibility and adaptability of the products’, as well as being easily transported, we managed to install purification units all over the country


China is the most populous country in the world. The need for clean drinking water is enormous and our products has proven a capacity to function well under very high pressure and provide great quality drinking water.


As the first project of its kind in Kenya, Josab provided the Swedish ambassadors’ residence with clean drinking water. Furthermore Josab was involved in the county’s installation and launch of the Nordic Water Wheel. A successful venture that was repeated in several of Josab’s partnering countries.