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Josab Water Solutions is a Swedish company in a global setting. Our products, solutions and
operations can be found all over the world. We want to create a world where more people can get access to clean water.

Josab Water Solutions

Josab Water Solutions produce and sell products, solutions and services for ecological water purification. Thanks to the filter material Aqualite™, large volumes of water can be purified completely ecological and at low cost, which contributes to long-term sustainability. Josab Water Solutions AB today has for wholly-owned subsidiaries: Josab Hungary Kft, JOSINT Financial Services, Josab China Ecological Water Treatment Systems Co Ltd and AB Josab India Pvt Ltd.


– The global need for clean water is increasing – 2,1 billion people lack clean drinking water.

– The global consumption of sweet water of today is bigger than what can naturally be produced.

– The environmental debate regarding the Earth’s water is rapidly growing, where sustainable solutions/models have a natural advantage.

– Develop an easy and scalable technology that meet an escalating and increasingly varied demand for water purification in different parts of the world.



To be a leading global developer of ecological water purification. This is being achieved by providing sustainable products and clean technology.


Offer products, solutions and services for ecological water purification. The foundation is the own filter material Aqualite™.


Our journey began in the Vatican 1983. Today, about 35 years later, we have come a come quite far on our mission – to improve people’s lives all over the world. Our technology is unique and make us a global developer within water purification, unlike any other.

Today pollutions of air, soil and water affect more and more people all over the world. Clean drinking water is a vital necessity to be able to live a decent life. The journey and mission for Josab to become a global actor that changes and improves the living conditions for people in regions without access to clean water, began 1983 in the Vatican.

Jan-Olov Sparrman, the founder of Josab, visited the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican during the 1980s for a restoration job. Valuable frescoes had been damaged by damp and water, and the underlying reason turned out to be the used building material. This material consisted of the Zeolit mineral, equipped with the ability to transport water. The discovery prompted Sparrman to start studying Zeolite minerals, and soon he found that they had fantastic abilities to absorb water and create ion-exchange.

These insights led to a new method which could be used to purify drinking water by eliminating bacteria. In 2001, the purification method was patented, and during the early 2000s, we developed and sold filter solutions to improve chlorine based purification methods. This was followed by Josab, with a project base in Ghana and Nigeria, in 2002 started delivering equipment for water purification. Today, the patented Zeolite mineral, Aqualite™, is mined in Josab’s self-owned mine, the Ratka mine in Hungary. The mine is located on land protected by UNESCO, and our operations are run according to thereby applicable regulations and precautionary demands.

Purifying polluted water to clean drinking water, that meet clients’ demands and the requirements of WHO-standards, is our core business. Our method is the only one of its kind and purifies polluted water without additives and chemicals. This makes us a global actor within water purification, unlike any other. In a time where environmental pollution and climate change is constantly making situations in regions of hardship even worse, ecological and sustainable business models are more coveted than ever.

In a time where environmental pollution and climate change is constantly making situations in regions of hardship even worse, ecological and sustainable business models are more coveted than ever. Josab purifies water and can contribute to a long-term solution across the globe. Clean water is a necessity to achieve equal living conditions for everyone, which is why we carry on our mission to create a world where everyone have access to clean water.


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Johan Gillgren

Board member

Johan Gillgren has an MBA in business economy from Stockholm University. He has previously worked within private equity. As a consultant Johan has also been working with mergers and acquisitions.

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Cai Jianwen

Board member

Cai Jianwen has an MBA from China Europé International Business School and is a member of the Chinese equivalent of FAR, The Swedish institute for the accountancy profession. Cai has been CEO of InterChina Water Hong Kong Co. LTd. Before that, Cai was CFO at Heilongjiang Interchina Water Treatment Comany LTd i Shanghai.

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Henry Koskela

Board member

Henry Koskela holds a BA in Business Administration with a financial focus from Örebro University. Henry has a solid and long experience from audit firms, including Defacto AB and Deskjockey Revision AB. In addition to the auditor, Henry was also co-owner.

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Per Olof Seeman


Per Olof Seeman har arbetat med vatten och miljöfrågor för bland annat SWECO, VBB VIAK och är idag konsult på den egna byrån Seeman Consulting and Training. Per har erfarenheter från bl.a. Etiopien och Swaziland. Per har en Doktorsexamen i Mark- och vattenresursförvaltning vid Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan i Stockholm.

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Zhu Yongjun

Chairman & board member

Zhu Yongjun has an MBA from Peking University. Zhu's career in environmental issues began in 2001. Further experience, apart from the environment and water purification market, include the financial market. Also, Zhu has been CEO of EverChina International Holdings Company LTd. Zhu has also been Chairman of Heilongjiang Interchina Water Treatment Company Ltd.

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Stefan Östlundh


Stefan has experience in consulting work within trade against, among other, Russia, Asia and Eastern Europe. Stefan has been working with ex. Right Management AB, HKFP Ltd and as CEO of Daqing Dream City Investment Management Ltd.


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Our subsidiary in Szerencs, Hungary, mainly works with mining in its own mine in Ratka. The company also processes the Zeolite in a refractory plant, in Szerencs, where the material is processed into different fractions. The mine was acquired in 2007 and is the basis for the filter material, Aqualite ™, which is used in the company's technology and water treatment products.


Our subsidiary in Pune, India, is a sales office, primarily for the Indian market, established in 2012. The company also manages the projects launched in India, together with local partners.


Our subsidiary in Beijing, China, is a sales and representation office for China and other Southeast Asia.